Web Development

On the Internet you can be bigger than life. We create that "right image" for your business, whether large or small.

At Agile Creative we transform your idea into a beautiful, functional website. From a simple one-page site to a complex e-commerce, our staff of designers and programmers is able to take your company’s vision and unique qualities and package them for maximum impact on the Internet.

Whether you are aiming to increase sales, promote a service, or keep your current and potential customers informed with your latest news, our web site developers will work with you to provide you with a site to meet your needs.

We create websites with the following features:-

  • Feedback forms e.g comments, inquiries, quesions and answers, orders etc
  • Forums
  • Newsletters
  • Content management
  • Helpdesk for customer suoport
  • products / services catalog
  • Social Media Integration
  • Ecommerce and online shops
  • and much more...

Website redesign and upgrading

A well designed website with interactive features will complement your marketing and customer relations efforts. At Agile Systems we can rebrand and upgrade your website to meet todays technological features.

Search engine optimization

As more people turn to the internet in search for goods and services, online search engine results have become ever crucial factors in determining success.
A customer who repeatedly comes across your website in online searches will be more likely to remember your firm.
This is a very effective form of marketing and advertising. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your website is ranked higher in the various major search engines.
Agile Systems Limited has an in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of online search engines, and our team of developers will ensure that your website and your business will always come out on top.

Content Management Systems

The integration of a sophisticated database into an effectively designed website allows your firm to benefit from all that the web has to offer.
The key motivation behind combining a website with a database is the dynamism that results to a database driven website can be frequently edited and updated with fresh content, allowing your firm to respond quickly to new trends and the like.
Agile Systems Limited will create and integrate databases into your website in order to create this dynamic functionality. Databases allow you to use login pages, display product catalogs, view reports, track site visitors and much more.
Our database developers will create customized database solutions to fit your business's needs.

We build websites that work, really work.

At agile creative we can build and manage your next  website or web based project or the existing project that never got completed. We specialize in web design and solution development.

We are a web development firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. We develop websites ecommerce systems, mobile,  web based applications and customer relationship management systems for kenyan and international clients.



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