Customer relationship management (CRM) system


Looking for a better way to manage customers' data, sales, marketing, inventory, and support? Our custom CRM System has the following features:-

Contact Management

With our CRM system, your users will be able to store contacts, with detailed description notes, documents, emails, events, tasks and much more. Our CRM system allows you to configure what each user can see and update, and automate business activities such as email responses.

Sales Automation

Automate your sales funnel, buy capturing leads from your website, then take them through the process of turning them into potential sales and eventual clients. You will be able to track and segment your sales funnel, salesperson and sales team performance. 


Automate your email marketing by sending targeted or bulk emails to your contacts through our CRM


Track customer requests via tickets.  Customers can create their own tickets and track progress through our CRM self-service customer portal.

Invoicing & Inventory Management

Create a database of products and services, track inventory, prices. You will be able to create quotes, invoices and sales orders. 

Project Management

Manage projects directly through the CRM, with detailed tasks that are assigned to different users 

Custom Features

Require any customization. We customize our CRM system to fit into your organizational processes. 

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crm dashboard

CRM Dashboard

Customized dashboard for different roles from managers to sales agents. This enables users to view customized metrics depending on their roles and functions. These include sales pipelines, closed sales, weekly and monthly reports, sales cycles, sale activities, sales activity broken down by team, territory or sales agent, activity/events, open leads and opportunities, customer segments, sales workflows, etc.

You can view Key performance indicators (KPI) at a glance. These include upsells/cross-sells, sale by contact method, prospecting activity, closed sales, new leads and opportunities, lead to sales ratio, monthly sales growth average cost per sale, customer retention, and churn rates, etc.

Web to Lead

Do not let your website visitors go unattended. Capture their information from your website directly into the CRM as a lead. The leads from the web can be automatically assigned to sales agents.

web to lead
crm contact management

Contact Management

Create and manage contact information that matters to your business. Our CRM enables you to pull this contact information on the go, from anywhere and from any device. 

This is not your average address book. You can view data related to contact. This includes emails, invoices, leads, sales, support tickets, etc.

Accounts Management

Leads Management

Deals Management

Customers Management

Sales Management

Forecast Management

Territory Management







Document System

Product Management


User Management



Help Desk System