6 reasons why your website should have a blog

6 reasons why your website should have a blog

Blogging for your business is a way of injecting fresh content into your website. If done frequently the following results will be achieved

1. Position your brand as an expert in your industry

By writing on relevant topics in your area of business, your brand will be perceived having necessary knowledge and expertise to in your industry.

This will improve client confidence in your brand.

2. Relate with your prospective and current customers

Frequent blogging on your website is a means of relating to your current customers by providing them with information relevant to your products or services. It also acts as a gateway to prospective customers who are seeking information on particular products or services.

3. Increased conversions

When your customers and prospects visit your website, you stand a chance having them buy your product or service, signup for your newsletter or

4.Give your website visitors a opportunity to share in their networks

Grow your network by having your readers share the content on their social media networks.This can be by tweeting or sharing your content on face book, twitter Google plus, pintrest or sharing a link to your blog post via email

5. Better search engine optimization / search engine page rankings

Search engines love fresh content.  By blogging frequently, you will be increasing the amount of content for search engine bots to index.

By including relevant descriptions and keywords on your blog post, you will see an increase in your search engine ranking.

6. Increased traffic

By incorporating a blog into your website, you will see an increase in the number of visitors that visit your website.  Increased traffic will lead to more conversions